Incomparable Marching Band Workshops

The reimagined 2022 Incomparable Marching Band Workshops immerse participants of all
experience levels in an educational setting that fosters individual progress and
inspires growth as performers AND people!

One Show. One Focus.

Student participants will work with our educational team to develop performance techniques and leadership skills in their performance area of emphasis (Drum Major, Winds, Color Guard, Battery Percussion, Front Ensemble).  Additionally, workshop tracks will combine each day to work on an INCOMPARABLE capstone performance to be presented to friends and family at the end of the week! (Tap/roll over the images below to learn more about each track!)

Drum Major Track

Our Incomparable Drum Major track goes beyond the basic 4 pattern. Drum Major students will learn strategies and techniques that develop presence, communication skills, musicianship, and more. In addition to fostering skills on the podium, Drum Major track participants will engage in leadership clinics each day that foster a heightened awareness of how the lessons learned in marching band can be successfully deployed in everyday life.

Winds Track

Brass and woodwinds are featured in this track of our Incomparable clinics. Students will focus on developing individual musicianship, ensemble skills, and visual performance with our featured clinicians. Leadership as it pertains to section leaders and personal conduct will also be covered in daily sessions focused on developing each student’s leadership potential. One Show. One Focus. Workshop tracks will combine each day to work on an INCOMPARABLE capstone performance to be presented for friends and family at the end of the week!

Front Ensemble Track

Stationary percussion instruments are the focus in this clinic track. From vibraphones to rack city, students will get focused sessions on musicianship, technique development, and contemporary styles that they can incorporate into their home programs. Leadership as a personal and group concept is a daily topic in this track.

Battery Percussion Track

Battery Percussion students will focus on technique, uniformity, and musicianship during their dedicated clinic sessions. Additional daily sessions in leadership and personal responsibility round out the week for percussion students during their Incomparable clinic experiences.

Color Guard Track

Spin. Toss. Catch. These fundamentals will be the focus for the color guard track at the Incomparable Marching Band workshops. Clinicians will also lead sessions on body movement, visual musicianship, and ensemble work/uniformity. Daily sessions in leadership will show each student that their personal leadership affects the entire ensemble and how to capitalize on those strengths. Whether you have 5 people in your color guard, or 50, students in this track will gain many skills and tools to take back to their squad.

Educator/Director Track

Our Educator/Director track will tackle topics such as: drill design (Ultimate Drill Book will be ON SITE), building a strong retainment program, group travel, assessment and adjudication, issues related to diversity, equity & Inclusion, and many more. This track will encourage peer connection, network development, and world-class presenters to meet you where you are and get your program to where you want to be