Successful bands rely on parents and supporters for everything from advocacy to fundraising and prop construction. Providing tools for success to the members of support organizations is a way Vivace hopes to further enable student musicians and their teachers.  

To that end, we are happy to provide resources such as forums, a newsletter and workshops free of charge to parents and supporters of high school music programs.


Even though band programs may differ significantly, many groups face the same obstacles.  The Band Booster Forums is an online place to network, ask questions and exchange ideas.  


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A 3 hour session held in July structured around the sharing of ideas and developing plans for Volunteer Recruitment, Strategic Planning, Group Organization, Fundraising, Band Competitions and other real world issues facing supporter groups.

The seminar is free for boosters of schools with students attending any Vivace Student Workshop.  The sessions are provided and facilitated by a team of clinicians nationally recognized in the world of music education.   

July 22nd
2 pm 
Swope Music Building
West Chester University


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Booster Resource Newsletter

A monthly newsletter sharing items of interest, news and links to ideas and solutions relevant to supporters of high school music programs.  These newsletters will never be used to sell anything (Outside of once annually announcing the dates of Vivace Workshops)  and guest contributions are welcomed!

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