Band Leadership Training


Capable student leaders can make the difference between a good ensemble and a great one. They can motivate their peers, instill pride, and inspire outstanding performances. These exciting workshops will teach them how.

Led by a nationally acclaimed experts, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and Dr. John Villella, the 4 hour Band Leadership Training (BLT) Workshops uses thought and practical exercises to build student's leadership skills that can take your band program to the next level.  All participants are actively involved.

 This is not a lecture based workshop; students are engaged through activities, examples, and dynamic exchanges.

Leadership Weekend Workshops

In Greeley, CO and West Chester, PA Professor Heidi Sarver joins the team to add further practical applications of the lessons learned over this intense 2 day program. 

Sessions alternate between working with the students inside to introduce new concepts and perspectives. These are immediately put to practice outside as Professor Sarver utilizes excerpts from proven Drum Major Academy curriculum exercises.

Students work on developing new thought patterns and tools for:

•Setting High Standards of Excellence
•Fundamentals of Self-Discipline
•Effective Communication Principles
•Value of Risk
•Behavior Modification vs. Motivation
•Dealing with Insecurities
•Independent Carry Through



•Sensitivity to Peers
•Development of a Positive Attitude
•Understanding of I/Me vs. We/Us
•Understanding Consequences of Complacency
•Increased Level of Cooperation
•Commitment to Self-Improvement

If you are interested in one of our 1/2 day Leadership Training Seminars, click here.

Vivace offers a Premium Package where the West Chester Leadership Weekend can be paired with the following 4-Day Marching Band Workshop program where student's skills in Guard, Percussion, Instrumental, Twirling or Drum Majoring is further developed.  Printable Brochure

If you are looking for the 4-Day Drum Major Academy program that is a session available at our Marching Band Workshops held at West Chester and Kutztown Universities.  Please Go Here For More Information