Do you have Questions?

After your registration is received you will be emailed a student information packet.
If you still don’t have your answer, please contact Vivace Productions via email.

Student Housing
Resident participants at the two-day and four-day workshops will be housed in suite-styled, air-conditioned dormitories on campus.  Students will be housed in single rooms.

Roommate Requests
Students from the same school may request a roommate (maximum of two people per room). However, the request must be made at the time of registration, at least four weeks before the workshop, and will only be considered if both people request each other. Requests are not guaranteed, although every effort is made to honor them. Rooming assignments will not be changed once students arrive to campus.

Director Housing
Directors attending the West Chester Workshops may sign up for commuter or residential participation. Please see costs and hotel availability in your registration confirmation email.


Meals are not provided at the one-day workshops.

Residential students at the two-day and four-day workshops will eat at the University dining hall. Each student may address any dietary restrictions with the dining hall staff.

Commuter students at the 4-day program do not automatically receive a meal plan, however they are able to add a meal plan at the time of registration. Additionally, individual meals may be purchased by cash or credit card at the dining hall during the workshop.

Meals ARE included for both residents and commuters at the two-day Leadership Training Workshop.

Throughout the day, students are supervised by the instructional staff / clinicians and counselors from the Clinic Leadership Intern Program (CLIP). The CLIP staff is comprised of college students hand-picked by Vivace Productions for their leadership qualities and experience in the field of education. The CLIP staff and CLIP Supervisor stay in the dorm buildings and provide 24-hour supervision and support for the students.

All staff and counselors undergo state and federal background checks.

For information about workshop clinicians go to the Clinicians Page.

Please refer to the registration packet you received via email.

All First Aid and Medical Information Forms need to be submitted online at the time of registration.

This is primarily an educational workshop and there is minimal free time. 

The Capstone Demonstration is held on the last day of the 4-day workshops. This is a chance for the workshop participants to show what they have learned. Participation is required and students are free to go at the conclusion of the demonstration. Family and friends are strongly encouraged to attend. Information regarding time and location is in the camp information packet.

The Premium Package is a single registration for both the Incomparable Marching Band Workshops and Band Leadership Training at West Chester University. By registering as the Premium Package students receive a discounted price and may stay in the dorms for the night in between the workshops.

These workshops are part of the Incomparable Marching Band Workshops at West Chester University. The workshops are available to band directors, as well as brass, woodwind, percussion, and color guard instructors of all experience levels. A Marching Adjudicator clinic will also be available in 2022 for those who are interested in becoming a Marching Circuit Adjudicator. Directors can pick-and-choose the courses that they attend, creating their own schedule.


Graduate Credit is available from West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCU) for participants of the WCU Marching Band Workshop Director & Staff Sessions. The Sessions are offered as part of the WCU College of Visual and Performing Arts Samuel Barber Institute for Music Educators. Contact WCU for more information.

Pennsylvania ACT 48 credit is available to participants of any Marching Band Workshop Director & Staff Session. Contact Vivace Productions for more information.

Refund requests must be made in writing (email) and received by Vivace Productions at least two weeks before the start of the workshop. Requests received after this deadline will only be considered in extenuating circumstances. A processing fee will be ischarged.

A $50 registration fee is due upon registration.


All participants must be paid in full prior to the start of the workshops. Students MAY bring a check when they check-in, but payment in full prior to the start of the workshop is preferred.


Please note – a purchase order may be used to register for a workshop, but the purchase order must be paid prior to the start of the workshop.

Students must register for the overnight workshops at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop start date.

Students must register for the single day Leadership Training programs at least 1 week prior to the workshop start date.  

Check-in and check-out times vary by workshop. Please check your email for the information pertaining to the workshop in which you are registered.


Early Arrival Option
Residential participants unable to check-in at the regular time may opt to check-in 7-9pm the night before for an additional $50 fee by choosing the “early arrival” option when registering.


Late Arrival & Early / Late Departure
Due to the cumulative nature of the curriculum, participants are strongly encouraged to participate in all clinics (please do not arrive late or plan to leave early). However, if that is not possible, students must contact Vivace Productions via email prior to the first day of the workshop. No discounts will be issued for any participant who must arrive late or leave early.